HealthPlan Mart

2024 Open Enrollment! Time to pick your health insurance.


Cris Vado has been a licensed Insurance Agent for over 11 years. As the independent owner of HealthPlan Mart, Mr. Vado has worked diligently to help individuals and families navigate the often times daunting arena of health insurance and takes great satisfaction in knowing how much he has helped so many families. As a licensed insurance broker in the states of Florida and Texas, Mr. Vado especially enjoys the convenience he can offer to his customers for a variety of insurance needs. Customers are often surprised and pleased when Mr. Vado has explained options and packages that were unclear prior to working with him. The relief and understanding clients receive from working with HealthPlan Mart is a direct result of the tone and direction set by Mr. Vado.

To meet with us and discuss your plan options, and even some options you were not aware of, contact HealthPlan Mart today.